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May 22, 2018

Toronto Real Estate Market Balanced

Toronto and Missisauga Real estate Balanced:


The Housing Market Has Continued To show Signs Of Stability and Balance In April 2018.Prices Remain Low Relative To Last Year But We All Know Now That 2017 Was An Anamoly. Prices Have Gained The Avg 6.6% year Over Year and Real Estate Still Represents Best Investment.

The Latest Numbers Show That The Mortgage Stress Tests Have not Had A Significant impact As Analyst Had Feared But Market Is Remaining Steady with Sentiment That The Market Will Improve .Sellers Have Not Resorted To En masse Listings Which Further Show Continued Optimism.

Market Analysis Predicts A Further Price Uptick in The Second Quarter of 2018 Especially For Condos and High Density Low Rise.When You are Comparing to Bubble, Sales can Decline upto 41% and Inventory Can Rise substantially but that has not happened.It still is a Tough Market for Real estate Professionals and Realtors However and a Market Like this Calls On Ingenuity and Hard work from realtors and Brokers to satisfy Clients whether on the Buying or Selling side.

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May 10, 2018

Luxury Real Estate Spring 2018 In Canada

Luxury detached Houses and Condominium Update


Luxury Real Estate in Vancouver and Greater Toronto Area Fell Significantly During The first quarter of 2018.However Prices Are Resilient, According To A Report Published By My Company Royallepage.Overall Sales have declined as Expected as Both Buyers and Sellers Adjust To The Market Conditions Brought on By Federal and Provincial Policies Which In Turn Is Affecting Domestic and Foreign Real Estate Buyers.

Mortgage Stress Tests Implemented By OSFI have created a turmoil and helped sidelined Buyers When Typically At This Stage Of the Season There Should Be Greater Hustle And Bustle.

Montreal Is Defying The Trend and Posting Larger Year Over Year Gains In Detached Luxury Home Segment Increasing At The Rate Of 9.1%.Ottawa Posted 6.3% and Vancouver 5.2% Increase.Price Resilience Reflects Strong Aspirations Of Luxury Buyers to Reside and Work In cities ranked among-st the Best In the World.

Price Appreciation Among-st Luxury Condominiums In GTA and Vancouer outpaced Luxury Detached Homes.The Momentum Behind Growth In Luxury Condominium Market is Forecasted To Continue Throughout The Year and into 2019 Market.

Younger luxury buyers prefer condos for their affordability and little upkeep, while baby boomers increasingly prefer them as a downsizing option. Of course, this demand also catches the eye of investors who see rental opportunities.

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May 2, 2018

Five Ways To Become wealthy With Real Estate

Wealthy, and those who aspire to be, investing in real estate can reduce risk and volatility in a portfolio.

Those with the money have myriad ways to play real estate. Some are easy, some are challenging.Here are a three ways :


Individual commercial Apartments.

5 units or greater are considered commercial real estate from which you can generate a healthy cash flow.As you pay down mortgage it will create equity and with reduction in expenses and increasing rents results in wealth building.It is also one of the easiest commercial real estate deals to get into with costs ranging from 700000 to 5 million.Below 700000 the roi is not worth the effort and above 5 million the competition is high.

Strip Malls and Storage.

These investments tradionally have been low-risk for buyers who like control, are well-capitalized, have a long time horizon and disciplined to manage it. They offer an alternative to a registered retirement savings plan (RRSP) or pension fund because income jumps once the mortgage is paid off.As an investor, you have to avoid getting caught up in the frenzy" of a hot real estate market.The key is The cap rate is the percentage you would make on your money if you had paid cash for the property. Return on investment,( ROI ), is what your return is when you factor in any financing. The higher the risk inherent in the property, the higher the cap rate should be.

Self storage are commercial buildings with rooms for people to store their stuff.The advantage is no missing tenants and easy evictions.Less maintenance  creates quick cash flow and force appreciation but the Location is extremely important.

Private Reits.

Savvy Investors are attracted to real estate investment trusts for their yield, but a look at the five-year history of the iShares S&P/TSX Capped REIT Index exchange-traded fund shows how volatile the publicly traded REITs can be.

Wealthy investors have the option of investing in private REITs, which are not traded on the stock market. In doing so, they give up liquidity for stability and safety of capital.

REITs, which are essentially property funds, will be hurt if property prices fall, or if the income the portfolio generates falls because of a weak economy.


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April 29, 2018

Real Estate Perspective Spring 2018


Canadian Real Estate Buyers Exuberant

Us Federal Reserve believes that Canadian are still very enthusiastic about Canadian home prices.Analysts warn that prices through the country is still overheated.

Canadian real estate buyer is still driven by positive emotion in the market and poses that Cant Lose feeling.The FED believes that even though prices have decreased it still is higher and has not rationalized.Deleveraging and price corrections follow periods of exuberance.


CMHC Believes Vancouver and Toronto Over valued

Real estate Landscape in Canada is still Highly Vulnerable according to the crown corporation. In April it noted moderate evidence of overvaluation and believes prices are still high in relation to income and population.


My View

Toronto real estate has cooled but imbalances remain.What Worries me more is that the supply side is till a concern which if not addressed for a healthy market would result in the same rush of values sooner rather then later.Recently we have seen developers abandoning projects which will result in lower inventory in the coming years. Deals happen in a balanced market.



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July 31, 2017

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