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Albion Falls in Hamilton, Ontario.

What We Love About Hamilton, Ontario

Hamilton is located at the tip of Lake Ontario, offering Hamilton residents and visitors some of the best views in the Greater Toronto Area. Over the years this city has become a creative hub that has attracted artists, young professionals, and creative entrepreneurs to create a vibrant and cultural downtown. Take a look through some of our favourite things about Hamilton, Ontario.

Home To A Pristine University

McMaster University is known for its leading teaching and research programs as well as its Faculty of Medicine holding the number two spot in Canada’s top 40 research hospitals list. Other than McMaster’s fantastic reputation, the campus is located right by the water in the heart of Hamilton. Take a stroll through the McMaster campus in the fall and you will see some of the best fall colours around.

Plenty Of Hidden Waterfalls

Residents from all over the Greater Toronto Area envy Hamilton residents as they have some of the best parks and trails around. Hamilton is home to not one, but many beautiful waterfalls that are a sight to see year-round.

A City of Murals

Hamilton is a city filled with local artists and has become a great city to admire local art. You can spot murals all over the city. Keep an eye out for these murals here. 

Corktown Mural, Hamilton, Ontario

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