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Haji Ameen

Haji Ameen

Haji Ameen is Canada’s premier international real estate expert, bringing world-class service to
buyers and sellers in the Greater Toronto Area.

Haji’s goal is to provide the best possible experience for his clients. He understands the critical
role of real estate in building a life of stability and wealth, and he has the experience and skill to
guide his clients toward making wise investment decisions. Always operating with honesty and
integrity, Haji Ameen will give you expert advice, taking market conditions and your personal
objectives into account.

Haji has a solid background in real estate. He comes from a family of real estate experts who
have focused on residential and commercial real estate development. Haji has chosen real
estate sales over real estate development because of his desire to help buyers and sellers
make the most of their real estate transactions. He has even earned a Certification as a
Negotiation Expert to make sure his clients are getting the best price and the best terms.

And with a Graduate Degree in business and economics, Haji has a deep understanding of the
marketing principles that drive real estate sales. His strategic marketing plan is customized for
each unique home to maximize the impact of each marketing campaign and sell each home for
top dollar as quickly as possible.

Having traveled the world, Haji has chosen to make Mississauga his home. As a father of four,
Haji appreciates the family-friendly values of his Streetsville neighborhood. He’s also proud to
raise his family in the culturally-diverse Toronto area with its elite museums, top-tier dining, and
competitive sporting events.

When you choose Haji Ameen as your real estate agent, you’re getting more than expert
guidance through your real estate transaction; you’re getting a trusted consultant for life.
Whether you stay in the Toronto area or decide to make a move to International cities like New
York, Los Angeles, or Dubai, Haji is in your corner, ready with sound advice and valuable
resources to make your real estate transactions as simple and profitable as possible.

So don’t settle for just any real estate agent. You deserve a professional with the integrity to put
his clients’ needs first. Contact Haji Ameen today for a world-class real estate experience.